We aim to achieve world-wide recognition as an excellent companies’ Registry giving the community a quality service.

To assist us in achieving this we:
Provide services to allow the promoters of companies, limited partnerships, trust companies’ and registered trustees to incorporate their enterprises easily and to register all documentation required by the various ordinances governing those enterprises.
Provide the public with services to search for the information held by the Registry.
Ensure compliance by enterprises and their officers with their obligations under relevant ordinances.
Continuously review and enhance our services and facilities and undertake effective enforcement, taking account of the best modern technology available.
Monitor all registered companies to ensure that they do not operate outside of their licensing remit.
Regularly inspect our registered firms and their officers to confirm their business is both financially stable and able to support itself through its own funding means.
Maintain and update our registry records so that the listed companies’ information, as detailed on our registry, are correct.
Ensure that all our registered companies have provided us with their required legal documentation to allow them to operate within their licensed operation.
To suspend, remove or de-register any company or company officers that are deemed to be operating outside of the registry’s demands.
To make public the name of any company or companies, and their officers, that have been de-registered from our registry.